Everything you need to know about the Nature Coast

The Nature Coast is an area of Southern Queensland comprising two well-known regions – the Fraser Coast and the Sunshine Coast and includes Fraser and Lady Elliot Islands. The Nature Coast encompasses over 40 state and national parks and 2 UNESCO sites – the Great Sandy and Noosa Biospheres.

The Nature Coast is the outdoor enthusiasts’ wildest dream. The ability to whale watch, go scuba diving and walk along deserted coastline in one single day is part of the appeal.

If you have a desire to visit, the closest international airport is located in Brisbane. If you want to drive from Sydney or the Gold Coast you can take the coastal route up the state if you want to see more of Queensland’s stunning coastline. 

There are some unique experiences within the Nature Coast that can be the experience of a lifetime or quickly turn into a nightmare. For those wishing to visit Frazer Island we recommend only taking a 4X4 or SUV. Do not take your caravan or camper as this often leads to tourists becoming bogged in the sand due to the weight. Ensure your types have a low pressure to easily grip the sand (we recommend 25 psi for most vehicles). It is also vital to keep away from the shoreline and stick to the dry sand as much as possible when driving.

If you want to go whale watching, the best time to visit is between July and November. This is winter and spring time so be prepared for rain when you visit but it will remain warm with the average August temperature sitting around 22 ° c. If you do visit in summer, you will need to bring sunscreen and cover up. It may be tempting to work on your tan but the sun in Australia is quite harsh and Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world because of it. Be safe and cover up where possible and remember to apply sunscreen multiple times a day. We also recommend investing in a good quality pair of sunglasses to keep the UV rays out but the stunning views in.

The Nature Coast has a wide range of natural landscapes within it’s borders. Lush rainforests contrast with sun-swept beaches and the Glass House Mountains stand tall upon the panoramic horizon.

When exploring the Nature Coast it is highly recommended to travel by car or in a campervan. Take your time and enjoy the journey. The roads in this part of Queensland are usually quiet and there are plenty of places to park and to set up camp.

If you wish to stay on the Nature Coast but camping isn’t your style you can still experience all the region has to offer. There are many accommodation options available ranging from small forest cabins to beachside resorts and even mountain retreats ensuring that however you wish to travel there is an option to suit your needs.

Pack the camera and a spare battery, buy some sunscreen and come out to see the best Queensland has to offer. There are hundreds of unique experiences waiting for you on the Nature Coast.

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