Our Top Holiday Ideas for a Post-COVID World

Covid 19 is one Pandemic in human history that just like other pandemics, result in unparalleled problems requiring great minds to find solutions.  It has taken many lives and currently causing too much stress to most of us.  We are hoping and praying for the resolution of this pandemic hopefully before the year ends.  

Every one of us today is looking for a break from Covid-19.  Thankfully, there are many holiday ideas that will definitely lessen our stress from this unpleasant circumstance. Here are our top holiday ideas for a post-Covid world.  

Holiday activities involving adventure travel are popular nowadays.  A lot of people today fancy themselves spending their holiday paddling the Zambezi, paragliding around Oludeniz in Turkey, Cliff diving in the Philippines, Skiing in New Zealand, biking around Italy, rafting the Grand Canyon, or camping with the Saharan Nomads.   

Let’s kick off our list of holiday ideas with cycling activities.  Bike adventurers today can now go across continents with their bikes.  Whatever kind of adventure you are expecting, some organizers have prepared routes that will add to the excitement of your biking adventure.  

Italy has the best spots and routes for cyclists.  Whether you are a novice or a road warrior, you will surely enjoy unlimited biking opportunities in the country.  

What is best about Italy is that cycling trips can be designed in any area of the country that will fit the varying abilities of bikers.  From the Alps in the north to the volcanic island, you can find unlimited biking opportunities just about anywhere in Italy.  Even in the Alps, you will find bike paths along the river valleys which lets you enjoy the scenery of the mountains.  Cycling holidays to Italy will ensure that your holidays will turn out fun and filled with adventure.  

Another holiday activity that is gaining popularity these days is volunteering activities.  You can attend the Genghis Khan warrior training in Mongolia, work with the AIDS victims in South Africa, volunteer to help in caring for the orangutans in Malaysia, learning the hula in Hawaii, or studying photography in the wildlife of Tanzania.  You can expand all these activities into a whole idea for your holiday vacation.

Lastly, have you tried incorporating water activities on your holiday break?  Have you tried water sports?  Among the most popular activities that you can include in your holiday ideas include sailing the Great Barrier Reef, diving with the sharks in the Bahamas, diving the Blue Hole in Belize, surfing in Hawaii, and Kite surfing in Egypt. The Red Sea is popular with vacationers because it offers multiple activities to them such as snorkeling, kite or windsurfing, and diving.  

These are just a few of the many activities that you can add to your holiday ideas post Covid-19.  Find one or two that you best indulged.  Enjoy the holidays!

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